Vidicode designs, develops and manufactures sophisticated communication solutions, such as digital telephone recorders, digital audio recorders, professional answering equipment, network fax servers and voice recorders. In the past twenty years Vidicode has grown from a small local business, to an international distributor of innovative and advanced communications solutions. Vidicode has partners and distributors in over 40 countries worldwide. Vidicode solutions may be found at small businesses and large government organisations alike.

Embedded systems for the office

In our modern world everybody is always surrounded by microprocessors. Your telephone, microwave oven, television, your car, they all use micro processors to perform their duties. These micro systems are reliable and do not crash simply because they are dedicated to a well defined task in a controlled environment.

Vidicode designs, develops and manufactures communications solutions with this philosophy: Specialized products, dedicated to their purpose. Vidicode communication solutions are reliable and easy to use. The larger part of our communication systems are so called 'embedded' systems, they are pc independent. Embedded systems are much more efficient and, because they require less hardware, they last longer and use less power.

Vidicode communication solutions offer the best of both worlds. Most of our products do not depend on the use of a PC, yet they are always accessible through the office network and internet browsers using generic interfaces such as Ethernet, internet protocols and USB.