Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity following Disaster

Minor business disruptions such as transport strikes and severe weather conditions can severely affect the operation of your business, but when serious disaster strikes, the impact on your business can threaten its very survival. Fires, floods, acts of terrorism and hurricanes are a totally different matter and can very swiftly bring your business to a standstill. That is why having a Disaster Recovery Programme in place is so important – it allows you to get back in business relatively quickly after a massive failure of this type.


Ash Telecom’s Emergency Response Programme provides solutions that allow management to carry out their crisis plans with confidence. Our IP & TDM based solutions facilitate open communications amongst employees and key emergency personnel on-site to help provide a more secure and safer workplace environment.

The three core areas of Ash Telecom’s Disaster Recovery Portfolio are:

  1. Emergency Response – In the event of an emergency related disruption, we ensure that critical communications are supported throughout the crisis.
  2. Business Recovery – We ensure that replacement equipment will enable you to continue to work or recover rapidly during an unplanned interruption to business operations.
  3. Business Resumption –We will ensure that your business operations can continue to recover within agreed period timeframes.

Ash Telecom offers these disaster recovery services ‘As and when required’ or by way of a pre- arranged recovery plan.

The Ash Telecom Pre arranged disaster recovery plan

A PABX replacement system can be up and running as your remote backup PBX at very short notice, allowing rapid resumption of communications. These packages are based on copying your existing set-up and are ready to implement at short notice should it not be possible to continue operating from your existing premises.