Solutions for Legal

In no other industry does the mantra "time is money" apply more than in the legal service profession. Mitel communications solutions help legal professionals use their time more efficiently, by improving their ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with both clients and colleagues.

Mitel provides the communications tools to enhance client services allowing for a more personalised service and gives colleagues greater access to each other and information anytime from any device regardless of location. Professionals are no longer bound by the confines of their office desk. Today the office can be a location of choice of convenience; the traditional office, client premises, airport lounge, coffee shop or home office can all be treated as the place of work. Calls can be routed and handled more efficiently to ensure client calls can always be answered ensuring urgent communications receive immediate attention. Legal firms can reduce communication costs by leveraging audio and video conferencing to host and record meetings both with clients and colleagues across any distance or geography. The recording of billable hours is improved by recording and coding client calls so conversations are always recoverable and phone time is accurately billed.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Connect with Clients and Colleagues Faster: With Mitel wireless solutions, data, applications and communications are accessible from anywhere and from any device. 
  • Increase Revenue: Automatic tracking of billable phone hours ensures full billing with less administrative overhead. 
  • Improve Client Satisfaction: Superior call routing ensures high-priority clients and calls get top-priority treatment. 
  • Reduce Travel Time: Take depositions and hold meetings over secure Internet connections using effective collaboration tools. 
  • Boost Efficiency and Productivity: Unify interfaces and directories so all communications (phone, fax, e-mail, instant messaging, etc.) can be handled using simple, consistent interfaces. 
  • Improve Oversight: Use real-time and historical monitoring and reporting tools to continually measure and improve client service levels and communications efficiency.