Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Good communication is at the heart of every successful hotel. Mitel hospitality customers enjoy scalable, reliable communications, optimized to meet the needs of their industry.

Simple, effective, integrated communications

From small hotels, to some of the world’s most famous luxury establishments, Mitel provides communications solutions that are:

  • Simple. Guest services are at the heart of MiVoice Business. Hospitality features are presented as an integrated part of console and telephone user interfaces to minimize training and ensure staff are always aware of guest needs.
  • Integrated. Benefit from integrated capabilities focused on improving guest services and increasing staff productivity, including auto attendant, recorded announcements, voicemail, and automatic call distribution.
  • Flexible. Implement traditional or IP communications with one easy to manage platform that integrates with commonly used property management systems, hospitality applications, and guest room telephones.
  • Cost effective. Reduce costs and simplify support with a solution you can move between “site by site” private and public cloud solutions – without having to make a major reinvestment in your communications solution.

The Challenges

Hotels are under pressure to improve customer loyalty and increase revenue per available room.

When dealing with guests, the little things do matter, like greeting guests by name,
managing privacy and ensuring guest services are delivered in a timely manner. Hotels can benefit from many embedded hospitality features developed in line with industry requirements to ensure guests enjoy the best possible service.

Front office staff find it difficult to greet guests, answer telephone calls and dedicate time to more complex issues during busy periods.

The Mitel Cordless Front Desk allows staff to move between tasks more efficiently using wireless handsets or headsets. These devices also help you to make a good impression by eliminating unsightly cabling.
Hotels find it difficult to establish and retain knowledgeable staff to manage and use hotel technology.
Mitel’s integrated hospitality solution simplifies and reduces training requirements within a busy hotel environment. New staff quickly become effective and are able to focus on guest service.

The need to meet compliance requirements is increasingly challenging. The drive towards social responsibility is becoming an important part of attracting guests and retaining staff.

For many years Mitel has taken a positive approach by addressing compliance issues in a way that adds value and builds reputation.

Our products are designed to ensure hotels can take care of their guests, meet standards and minimise power consumption.

When implementing new solutions, hotels need to benefit from new technology and protect investment in traditional technology.

Mitel’s open approach enables hotels to benefit from the latest technology and protect investment in traditional telephony wherever it makes sense. Mitel’s architecture allows hoteliers freedom to move between proprietary hardware, industry standard servers and virtualised environments. This approach is ideal where a cloud based architecture is being considered.

Many hotels have difficult configuring conference facilities to meet the needs of increasingly demanding clients.

Mitel’s conferencing solution (MiVoice Conference/Video unit) frees organisers from inflexible systems. Conference communications can be setup quickly and easily wherever required. Add intuitive video and desktop sharing to enable remote participants to work together as though they were in the same room.

Providing tangible business benefits

Guest Service

Mitel’s hospitality feature set has been continuously developed in line with industry requirements to ensure guests have a pleasant, hassle free stay. When managing the guest experience the little things do matter:

Greeting guests by name.

  • Ensuring failed wake up calls are escalated.
  • Managing guest privacy - identify special guests before answering a call.
  • The Mitel hospitality template enables an IP display telephone to be customised to hotel and guestroom requirements:
  • High resolution hotel logos and graphics.
  • Information about guest services.
  • Information about local services and attractions.
  • One touch contact keys.
  • Guests can be informed about hotel services through recorded announcements:
  • Breakfast options can be announced as part of a wakeup call.
  • Speed call keys can be used to access information lines.

Staff Efficiency

Managing face to face guest interaction, hotel operations and telephone calls is challenging within a busy hotel environment. Mitel provide a number of solutions to enable staff to work effectively at any location:

  • The Mitel Cordless Front Desk allows staff to move between tasks more efficiently using cordless handsets or headsets. These devices also help to make a good impression by eliminating unsightly cabling.
  • Staff can remain in touch throughout the hotel by using wireless telephones. Text messaging can be used to manage alerts including pre fire alarms, door alarms and VIP arrival.
  • Staff can be contacted on one number regardless of location using Mitel Dynamic Extension. Dynamic Extension allows another device to be ‘twinned’ with a prime line making it ideal for hotel managers, area managers, and offsite event staff.

Increasing Revenue

A few simple changes can make all the difference:

  • Mitel can help to ensure you never miss a call using the embedded auto attendant. Automatic call distribution can be used to direct callers to a member of staff, voicemail or a recorded announcement. In addition, hotel groups can benefit by centralising reservations.
  • Hotels can attract profitable meeting and conference business by offering flexible, advanced communication services.
  • Value add hotel services can be promoted on IP display telephones. Changes to hotel service information and promotions can be made centrally. Guests can make bookings at the touch of a button.

Reducing Cost

Configuration changes can be made quickly and easily using simple form based data entry through a web portal from ‘anywhere’.

  • By investing in IP communications, hotels can connect to next generation networks. A single IP network connection can be used for voice, internet and video communications.
  • Mitel’s integrated hospitality solution reduces training requirements within a busy hotel environment. New staff quickly become effective and are able to focus on guest service.
  • Mitel telephones comply with the latest recycling directives and are up to 70 percent more power efficient compared with similar solutions from other vendors.
  • Reduce complexity, simplify support and save energy by running MiVoice Business as a Virtual Appliance within VMware®.