SMB/Single Site

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As a leader in this market segment, Mitel understands the demands facing today’s small business owners. Challenges like remaining competitive while keeping costs under control, growing the business and ensuring that today’s investment will serve for many years to come are all fundamental. Mitel's Small Business Solutions helps small business owners to achieve these goals and more. Mitel solutions focus on providing small businesses with multiple competitive advantages at an affordable price. Whether it’s providing affordable all-in-one solutions with a choice of IP communications platforms or adding value with mobility applications such as teleworking or mobile extension, Mitel is committed to helping small business owners succeed.

Some of the benefits Mitel Small Business Solutions provide include:

Project a professional image

Companies are able to project a professional image to their client base no matter how big or small they may be.

Maximize employee productivity

Employee productivity is maximized with technology that allows them to be more flexible and responsive – and reduce costs at the same time.

Reduce communications cost and complexity

IP telephony is about more than call control. It can enable workers at home to have the same functionality and by all appearances seem as if they are in the office – with the same secure voice quality and without the cost of fixed analogue lines. 

Minimize the risk in operating a small business

When it is time to expand, all businesses – especially small businesses – want to do so with minimum risk. Mitel solutions are scalable to meet both present and future small business needs.

Increase both customer and employee satisfaction with first call resolution

First call resolution is usually associated with contact centres – but what if a small business could provide the same responsiveness that top-tier call centres can? Now it’s possible!

Interested in exploring possibilities for your business?  Look to Ash Telecom, your trusted partner for IP communications.