Office Move

Moving office is never undertaken without a very good reason. Whether you are expanding, contracting or addressing a new market opportunity, your telephone communications requirements are likely to change. With some careful forward planning, we can help you make the move as seamlessly as possible, integrating the new services and having everything ready for you on the day you go live.

Take the opportunity to adapt or upgrade.

Whatever the change of circumstances, our team at Ash Telecommunications will work with you to make sure your new requirements are fully covered. We can upgrade your existing system or provide the most advanced, future-proof installation that could include computer telephony, voicemail, direct dial and support for remote workers. This is the ideal opportunity to review your office communications and eliminate waste, identify cost savings and generally improve office productivity and customer service.

We liaise with your provider:

We can liaise with your provider to ensure all new services are fully operational before you move and that all existing lines and services are terminated when you leave the old premises.

New number or old? We give you options.

Do you want to keep your existing number even if you are moving out of the area? We can arrange this for you should you wish to retain a presence in the area where you have been established. But there are other options. We can supply you with a national non-geographic number to give your business a national identity. By planning ahead, your new number can be in place ready for your move.

Voice and data cabling

We can carry out a site survey and install the cabling to suit the layout of your new office so that everything is in place ready for you to move in.

High Speed Broadband

With the massive growth of business conducted over the internet, the importance of a solid high-speed ADSL connection has never been more important. At Ash Telecom, we can provide you with the best ADSL package and have it ready for you in your new office.

Supporting you all the way

Ash Telecom can not only supply all your telecommunication requirements ensuring that it is at the cutting edge of technology, but we will support you every bit of the way to make your move is smooth and stress free.