MiVoice Office for Doctor Surgeries

Doctor surgeries are facing ever-increasing financial and patient care levels pressures. In this modern healthcare world, surgeries require more than simply dial tone to communicate effectively with patients.
MiVoice Office delivers a communication solution that ensures your surgery is more flexible and responsive during high volume inbound call periods and yet still delivers a lower total cost of ownership.
MiVoice Office is more than a simple telephony solution. It ensures that during busy call periods, especially when the surgery opens, patients no longer constantly have to redial the surgery to speak to reception staff to book doctor appointments.



• STAR – flexible call routing based upon time, day of the week, specific dates.
• Real time call queuing position notification & estimated time to answer notification.
• Staff Presence information & secure instant messaging.
• One Number Solution for community based Doctors/Nurses.
• Eliminate Hosted Audio Conference Fees.
• Lower Total Cost of Ownership.



√ Scheduled Time-based Application Routing (STAR)
Doctor surgeries require more than simply day/night mode. STAR enables you to create & save multiple ring plans, automatically varying how inbound calls are routed dependent on the time of day, day of the week or specific dates. STAR is ideal during busy call periods i.e. when patients call in to request an appointment, over lunch and includes the ability to play bespoke announcements on public holidays when the surgery is closed.
√ Real time call queuing position notification & Estimated time to answer
MiVoice Office notifies inbound callers of their position in the surgeries call queue and additionally provides the estimated time to when they will be able to speak to a member of the surgery staff.
√ Presence information & secure instant messaging
Enhance staff productivity by enabling colleagues to instantly view, in the windows based PC call manager software, which staff members are free and available to receive calls. MiVoice Office delivers discreet, yet secure, instant messaging between colleagues within the surgery.
√ One Number Solution for community based nurses and Doctors
No longer will Doctors or Community Nurses have to carry two mobiles or provide personal mobile numbers to patients. Now your staff can “twin” a desk phone with multiple devices ensuring your staff only ever have to provide their desk phone number.
√ Eliminate Hosted Audio Conference Fees
Meet-Me and Ad Hoc Conferencing enable healthcare professionals to pre-schedule or create a conference call on the fly, without any additional hosted or service fees.
√ Lower Total Cost of Ownership
MiVoice Office provides your surgery with a complete suite of ready to use productivity enhancing applications as standard.
Including; Unified Voice Messaging with Automated Attendant, Meet-Me Conferencing, Automatic Call Distribution, Hot Desking, Mobile Hand-Off, Teleworking and Reporting


MiVoice Office delivers simple networking, call routing and the ability for community based nursing to make a significant positive contribution to the patients treatment plan, ensuring re-admittance rates to hospitals are reduced.
If surgeries have a requirement for more sophisticated web based collaboration requirements, including video conferencing and desktop sharing, for complex case reviews or to receive second opinions. MiVoice Office can be complemented with MiCollab.
MiVoice Office is based upon a scalable digital IP platform that combines the best of IP and traditional telephony technology. It’s designed to scale and protects your initial investment with add-on modules and processors – all in a form factor that works for shelf-top, rack mount and wall mount scenarios.