Ash Telecom provides technology to help teachers and students at schools and universities communicate effectively in todayís multicultural and global environment.

Improving student outcomes

Ash Telecomís solutions focus on improving student outcomes by transforming the ways people teach and learn.

  • Improved productivity. Enhance the productivity of public-facing staff with call handling and routing that ensures better staff and student interaction.
  • Conferencing and collaboration. IP conferencing and collaboration applications facilitate interaction and communication among teachers, pupils, and the community.
  • Messaging. Messaging applications improve parental outreach and community involvement.

A 21st-century learning environment

Ash Telecom helps learning institutions embrace a 21st-century learning environment with communications solutions that are:

  • Easy to deploy. Solutions can be deployed on your existing dedicated hardware or industry standard servers.
  • Easy to adopt. Communications solutions are easy to adopt, integrate, manage, and use.

With Ash Telecomís communications, experience an enhanced return on investment through education administrative efficiencies/productivity improvements, and hard capital operational cost savings.

Communications for all levels of education

Solutions for Primary & Secondary Education

Good communication is at the heart of a successful primary/secondary school. Ash Telecomís solutions ensure that teachers have everything they need to harness new communication technology and deliver new ways of learning while improving collaboration between students, parents and the school.

Ease of use boosts productivity

For technology to benefit schools it must be integrated and easy to use.

Features include:

  • Outbound notification. Systems to remind parents of upcoming events, including school closures and parent teacher conferences.
  • Instant messaging. Staff have more choices when it comes to communicating, and can choose the most appropriate for any situation.
  • Virtual technology. Innovative audio and video technology supports virtual field trips.

The results?

  • Fewer disruptions. Discreet, secure instant messaging between networked staff minimizes class disruption yet enables staff to stay in touch.
  • Improved interaction. The progress of students is supported through innovative virtual technology and more informal teacher and parent interaction.
  • A safer environment. Staff and pupil safety is enhanced.
  • New educational opportunities. Distance learning, virtual field trips, and mobility solutions enhance the educational opportunities of students of all kinds.

Solutions for Higher & Further Education

Universities and colleges operate in a very competitive environment. To attract and keep the best students, they must provide them with best-in-class teaching facilities, the latest technology, and excellent service that includes leading-edge communications capabilities.

Ash Telecomís communications solutions for higher education address those needs by harmonizing communications across the campus and providing staff and students with a consistent user experience whether they are in a lecture hall, a lab, or even a home office.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Increasingly, students want to be able to stay in touch and obtain information using their own personal mobile devices as an extension of the university network.  

Busy academic staff need to be able to manage their presence and availability in order to manage work flows and optimize the education opportunities for students.

Ash Telecomís communications address these needs with a wide range of capabilities and features.

  • Twin devices. Twin up to 8 university network devices, including desk and mobile phones, into a ďPersonalised Ring Group.Ē
  • Enhance lectures. Audio, web and video conferencing enables staff to ensure lectures are more informative and inspiring to attendees and distance learning students.
  • Extend the network. Extend the university call network to home workers during the busiest call periods.

The results?

By blending educational tools, content, unified communications and collaboration, universities and colleges can transform the learning experience, extend its reach, and attract the next generation of students and staff Ė all while reducing operational costs.