BPC offers a wide range of standard and customised Telecommunication Power Supply Systems using the modular rectifier technology.  All systems are scalable, redundant and can be configured according to the customer's requirements.  Due to the hot-swappable technology all systems have a high availability and can be updated to the actual power requirement during operation.  This guarantees long-lived Telecommunication Power Supplies wihtout interruption of the load supply.


  • Easy to handle 19" system
  • Ability to change modules during normal operation
  • Compact designs
  • Low weight of single components
  • Parallel operation ability (N+1 principle)
  • Remote maintenance via modem optional


 Manufacturing and Design

Today, the BPC range of UPS includes more than 60 different models. From the smallest to the largest units, the manufacturing process is rigorously monitored to ensure the highest levels of reliability, quality and safety are achieved, in accordance with key International Standards