The MITEL PABX range consists of the following systems:

The SX-50 is a digital system that caters for up to 160 extensions, 32 exchange lines and 24 private circuits. All contained in a single, wall-mounted cabinet. The operator console features a display for call information and messages. The system also supports digital Superset Featurephones.

The SX-2000 with it's distributed design, is based on a PC tower and a modular architecture interconnected by fibre cables, the SX-2000 has been designed to offer unprecedented flexibility. Advanced feature packages include options for digital (DPNSS) networking, least cost routing, data communications and much more. Special application packages for the hotel industry, Automatic Call Distribution, and data environments. The colour-screen based console allows unsurpassed call handling efficiency and can even be used for system administration including moves and changes.

In addition to standard telephones, the SX-2000 supports the Superset 3, 4, 6, 7, 700, 7000 and the Superset 400 & 4000 series of digital telephones. From the digital 2B+D single line set upwards, the range includes the most advanced digital Featurephones available.