Mitel Conference

Mitel® MiVoice™ Collaboration Point delivers multimedia collaboration right to the personal office meeting space. With MiVoice, collaboration becomes a natural part of a productive work day.

  • Easy, spontaneous collaboration. With MiVoice, there’s no need to book busy meeting rooms.Multi-party collaboration, planned or spontaneous, happens right in the personal office meeting space.
  • Simplified meetings and presentations. Starting multi-party collaboration is as simple as making a phone call. Manage all aspects of multimedia collaboration using an intuitive touchscreen interface, so even novice users get started fast.
  •    Enhanced productivity and innovation. Less time scheduling and managing collaboration, and more time spent actually collaborating, leads to stronger relationships with co-workers, customers, and partners. That drives higher productivity and innovation.


MiVoice delivers high-quality collaboration capabilities:


  • Multimedia collaboration. MiVoice provides in-room presentation display that’s simply not available on even more expensive conference phones. An HDMI interface supports connection to HD displays and projectors. The built-in four-party HD video bridge allows for visual collaboration with documents and presentation materials available to remote participants.
  • Superior audio quality. HD, four-party audio provides a superior sound experience. A 16-microphone array uses patented beamforming technology to deliver crisp voice quality and advanced audio processing that makes conference calls feel like in-room experiences.
  • Open, standards-based. Open, SIP-compatible, standards-based MiVoice fits seamlessly into existing infrastructures, including Mitel and other PBXs, video solutions, and computing environments. MiVoice supports multiple file transfer methods, including cloud access (Dropbox and Google Docs™), USB Flash Drive, Micro SD card, and linking to a remote desktop.