Message on Hold

Relieve the frustration of losing calls on hold

This is an ideal opportunity to inform the caller about your company, its products and services. Select background music from an extensive library to reflect company identity. Scripts can be updated regularly, company radio advertisements can be included and professional male and female voices can be selected to give variety. Recent statistics stated that callers with information on hold would stay on the line for up to three minutes whereas callers with silence hang up within 40 seconds, use it as a selling tool to highlight special offers you are running.

To be a truly effective marketing tool, it is critical that your message on hold provider can change your on hold messages as quickly as you react to your ever-changing market. That is why Ash Telecom Message On Hold's entire approach to on hold messages - from instigation to implementation - is engineered for maximum efficiency.

Why are on hold messages important?

Studies indicate:

  • 7 out of 10 business callers are placed on hold
  • 85% of on-hold callers will wait if there is a message on hold
  • 88% of callers will hang up if there are no on hold messages
  • Among those who hang up, 34% will not call back


Message on Hold provides everything you need to make the on hold experience both pleasant and informative for your customers. Message on Hold is proven to reduce hang-ups, improve customer service, increase sales, and enhance your corporate image.


Message on Hold Demo and Order Form

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