Call Management Software

Ash Telecomís advanced call reporting solution for businesses of any size which includes both call logging and intelligent wallboard display.

Cost Control

It is always important to manage and control any business expenditure.

Alarm/Fraud Detection

Answering calls in a timely fashion helps with retention and increases business.

Response Management

Monitoring line usage allows for the correct number of lines to be determined.

Wallboard Display

Highlight exceptional calls immediately so any fraud costs can be minimised.

Traffic Analysis

Stay informed by making live call stats available on large screen displays.

Active Directory Integration

Simplify user log-in procedures with active directory integration.


Ash Telecom offers a complete Call Logging solution, with all the advanced reporting features you'd expect and more!

Ash Telecomís advanced Call Logging product shows you how efficiently and effectively you are dealing with your customers and gives you the information you need to drive constant improvement. Its reporting capabilities are unrivalled; and are so comprehensive, flexible and easy to use that you will soon see measurable results throughout your business.

Reduce Costs

See an immediate reduction in business costs of up to 15%.

Retain Customers

Answer telephone calls quickly and handle them effectively.

Increase Sales

Ensure increased levels of telesales are being made to drive new sales.

Improve Performance

Work with staff to develop their telephone and telesales techniques.

Benefits of Call Logging

Call Logging will enable you to manage & improve the use of telecoms throughout your business by delivering a wide range of reports, showing you what is going on within your business.

100% Free Trial Available

Donít just take our word for it, if youíd like to try Ash Telecomís Call logging today you can download our free 30 day trial version. Itís quick and simple to install so youíll be up and running in no time.