Broadband & Leased Lines

It is vital that any business broadband service provides fast and reliable access to email, websites and other Internet services. We have designed our Internet access facilities specifically to serve the high service levels demanded by our business users. We provide a high-speed, reliable broadband service, accompanied by a support package that will ensure you remain online at all times.

Selected broadband solutions can be delivered and installed at the same time as a new analogue (PSTN) line meaning that traditional broadband installation lead times are halved. We can also seamlessly migrate businesses from other Internet service providers with lead time for provision being just six working days.
Working in partnership with a range of internet service providers (ISPs), Ash Telecom can offer a selection of broadband services at some of the best prices in the UK business market, including:

  • ADSL (Up to 8Mb) 
  • ADSL 2+ (Up to 24Mb)
  • SDSL

Existing broadband services can be migrated over to Ash Telecom thereby saving money and providing an enhanced service.

Internet Leased Line

An internet leased line is a dedicated, private circuit that delivers internet connectivity to a customerís site.
An internet leased line will deliver unrivalled quality of service and unlike DSL services have a 4 hour fault repair SLA in the event of a fault in comparison to the 40 or 20 clock hour fix offered on broadband products. Internet Leased Lines are delivered as a Fully Managed product in that Ash Telecom will supply hardware with the circuit that will be remotely monitored and managed by our team. Having a fully managed service means the end user removes the headache of managing the circuit and allows them to focus on their core business.

Point to Point Leased Line

A point to point leased line is a dedicated circuit that goes from one customer premise to another, for example a link between 2 offices or branches. The circuit simply routes traffic between 2 sites and does not have any internet connectivity provided with the service. This is commonly used so organisations can guarantee the security of data transferred between 2 locations and if necessary at much higher speed than a DSL service.

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