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Low Cost Business Calls

Low Cost Business Calls

Least cost call routing is the ability to direct call traffic passing through your lines to a different carrier, based on time and destination of the call.

The Telecommunications Act (1984) prevents British Telecommunications plc, BT from having a monopoly on routing telephone calls within the UK, and obliges BT to allow other licensed operators to route calls over their network. This allows organisations to take advantage of Least Cost Call Routing and enjoy significant cost savings.

How does it work?
All you need to do is register your existing BT lines with us; you can then be routed via Ash Telecom by simply prefixing the number to be dialled with a four-digit access code. Ash Telecom will itemise your Calls and bill your account directly; you can still route your Calls via BT if you so wish.

  • Competitive rates on both National & International Calls
  • Simple Set-up procedure
  • No Set-up fee
  • No administration fee
  • Graphic Management Report
Two Steps to Saving:
Whether you currently use BT directly connected ISDN pipes or use analogue lines, then we can help by registering you're existing ISDN numbers to use Least Cost call Routing:
  1. Simply contact on 01483 456 606
    or email sales@ashtelecom.co.uk
  2. You will be advised on how to use the service and given a dial prefix code.
What Benefits Do We Receive?
Ash Telecom offer an outstanding, independent service that is unique in the market place today and includes:
  • Providing very low tariffs using leading telecommunications service providers
  • Identifying and implementing services that reduce cost and enhance service provision in all areas of communications
  • Holding periodic reviews of developments in network services by leading Telco's and ensuring that stay in the vanguard of the best services and tariffs available
  • Providing with a responsive and supportive pro-active account management and customer service
  • There will be a single point of contact to simplify communications
  • A single invoice for all services
  • No obligation agreement
  • You won't notice any difference as we remotely programme your system only tremendous savings on your next bill!
For more information please call one of our consultants on 01483 456 606 and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have and perhaps work out a personalised tariff proposal to suit your call expenditure.